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TV OFERTAS S.A. DE C.V.  is a Mexican company leader in the muti-channel direct marketing of consumer products in the fitness, heath/beauty, and housewares  products categories. TV Ofertas distribution outlets include department stores and over 200 strategic kiosk throughout the country, also direct responses TV catalog, print advertising, credit card inserts and internet. TV Ofertas develops and acquires products and then markets its products tough its various distribution channels.

TV Ofertas ca center operates 24 hours a day 635 days of the year. Our personnel receives constant training to be up to date on the most advanced selling techniques.



TV Ofertas vision is to bring the best and most innovate products to the Mexican consumers. We strive to offer quality products to meet the highest expectations of our customers, TV Ofertas is committed to value, not only in our products, but also in the value we see in the lives of each of our employees and our neighbors in the community-

We believe that our ability to simultaneously introduce products into multiple markets through multiple channels gives us a competitive advantage



TV Ofertas products can be found in the stores, of some of the major retailers including Sears, El Palacio de Hierro and over 200 kiosk located in shopping malls around the country.

On a daily basis TV Ofertas deals with the largest catalogers in Mexico. We sell products to over 10 catalogues on a wholesale basis including Marke, Promocave, Bital, Banamex Ixe etc.

As if this isn´t enough we also develop direct response products in a wide variety of categories including fitness, heath and beauty, entertainment and  house ware TV Ofertas buys time on cable as well as on the two largest national TV Networks: TV Azteca and Televisa reaching 90 million viewers.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Every advertising message we deliver directs the consumer to visit our website at:



Got an infomercial distribution deal, or product? Bring it to us and we´ll provide the day-to day management:


·     Fulfillment

·     Order Processing

·     Telemarketing

·     Data base management

·     Credit card processing

·     Media planning

·     Inventory control

·     Inquires

·     Media buying

·     Response analysis

·     Customer service





We also develop the:


·     Backend

·     Line extensions

·     Package design

·     Printed material

·     Out band telemarketing

·     Retail.


And we will provide working capital for:


·     Inventory

·     Accounts receivable.


Source: Expansion Magazine.Mexico November, 24,2004


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