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Mexico is the second most populous and boasts the second largest economy in Latin America, both behind only Brazil.  With a free market economy that recently reach a trillion dollars, Mexico contains a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agriculture, increasingly dominated by the private sector.  Recent administrations have expanded competition and opened up many sectors of the economy.   Income distribution remains highly unequal, with wealthier segments (those ha ... More >>

Country Statistics

Mexico (Distrito Federal)
Government Type
Federal Republic
President Calderon
Primary Religion(s)
Roman Catholic 77% (est. 2000)

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TV Ofertas is a recognized leader in the Latin American direct-response industry and has been so since our inception in 1999. 

 As a business-to-consumer DR marketer, TV Ofertas is considered by many global suppliers as the most important DR company in Mexico.  Our strengths include an unparalleled amount of cable television media, strong in-house inbound and outbound telemarketing operations, and success in catalog, print, and radio media.  Finally, TV Ofertas has strong and fast-growing internet presence through our website,, and a retail sales capability that has doubled over the past 12 months.

In our role as a product supplier, TV Ofertas has partnered with some of the strongest manufacturers and producers of direct response television in Mexico to create products and shows uniquely designed for the Latin American market.  With recent successes with Stop Skin Laser and Massage Pro (, TV Ofertas has become an important source of profitable products to our friends throughout Latin America.

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