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The LMS Group of participants includes key direct response marketers in 20 countries throughout Latin America. From larger markets like Argentina and Brazil, to smaller countries like the Antilles and Bolivia, from the northernmost tip of Mexico to the southernmost tip of Chile, LMS participants cover every significant DRTV market in the region. Learn here about each country and each participant, or simply find their contact information.

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LMS is dedicated to helping facilitate the partnership between the world’s strongest suppliers of DR products and our LMS Group of top marketers. LMS helps identify product winners through our New Product Supplier Tests. And now, LMS offers the opportunity for suppliers to create their own micro-site for every product, from your own desk, in as little as 30 minutes.

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LMS works with over 20 of the largest pan-regional cable and satellite networks in Latin America. LMS’ approach with the networks is one of building long-term partnerships, thus bringing together much of the most important direct response media in the region with the most important buyers of that media. Whether you represent a Latin cable network or you’d like to learn more about LMS and the top cable networks in the region it’s all here...

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