About Us


Our Leadership Sells!

 Why do we say that we are absolute leaders?

Because we can Prove It

Grupo TV Offer has become the best option in sales due to the fact that we have the strongest allies in the Central American region.

We know that a product image is directly related to its distribution and communication channels. This is why we rely on communication leaders in the region, fully aware that in a leading product-line nothing can fail.

“We sell leading products and use leading media to ensure the largest possible audience in Central America”.

The Larger audience, the larger the sales… as simple as that.

We are unquestionable leaders in the region.


Our History

After 15 years, since our foundation, we are now a solid and prestigious corporation that has a notorious presence in the six whole Central American countries:

                                      GRUPO TV OFFER

With six companies and two mayor commercial brands:

                                     TV OFFER



                COSTA RICA           HONDURAS

Our Capabilities


Our great advantage…

Centralized Operations


ONLY ONE CONTACT. Grupo TV Offer has centralized operations in El Salvador, from where it defines and dictates strategies and guidelines for all the companies of the group.


CONSOLIDATED PURCHASES. Purchases from only place, El Salvador. Our Product & Purchasing and Traffic & Logistics departments, are focused speeding business up with our suppliers and distribute the merchandise accordingly throughout the Central America Countries.


MARKETING. From Our Headquarters in El Salvador, we also give all the countries, the marketing and merchandising tools, as well as the sales strategies they need as support for our products, both in DRTV as well as for Retail.


DELIVERY. In order to achieve our daily commitment to deliver our products in a period between 24 to 72 hours, we have our own fleet of vehicles as well as alliances with the leading delivery companies in each country


Editing and production. Also in El Salvador, we installed a complete digital editing and production studio with the purpose of maintaining an excellent quality, giving our productions international quality using top technology with highly qualified and creative personnel.


àOur dynamic distribution is what gives us

Our Success

TV Sales

Our Business is big, thanks to the massive communication achieved through strategic use of TV; approximately 40 million viewers in Central America.


Grupo TV Offer is amoung the top 5 TV Advertisers in the Central America Region.



At the moment we have 40 stores and kiosks

Located in the main Shopping Centers in the region. We also have strong presence in the major drugstore and supermarket chains throughout the region.


Only Grupo TV Offer has such sales reach available for all of our suppliers




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