About Us

 About A3D

A3D Chile S.A., is the most important Direct Marketing company in Chile, with a proprietary and loyal customer database to offer exclusive products through TV, Mail, Catalog, Internet, Telemarketing, Radio, Press and Retail Stores.

A3D Chile S.A., associated to ERA (Electronic Retail Association), is part of the Latin American Direct Marketing companies that operates the most important products and media air in the region, in coordination with the best practices for the Direct Marketing Industry.

A3D’s Mission

Deliver to our marketplace a Wide range of home, beauty, fitness and health products, offering satisfaction, exclusiveness, quality and good service to our customers.

Our History

 Our History

A3D Chile S.A. started on September 2001, merging the two most important Direct Marketing companies in Chile.

The company is currently leading the Direct Marketing industry in Chile, reflecting the professional development of the company and the country, both being top referrals of successful tendencies in LATAM.

These remarkable results have been recognized with prizes such as the Best Catalog of DRTV Products, awarded at the 2006 Miami ERA (Electronic Retail Association) Convention.

The success key has been based upon sales traditional channels diversification, supported in the experience and one to one consumer knowledge developed by the company, a well conceived media mix, excellent quality of the offered products and the A3D Chile S.A. has had a permanent increase and development in the Chilean market, with indisputable leadership that has up to date time the 80% of local TV air with long-period contracts, and highlighting a considerable revenue based on a 91% of correct target within the available air.

Our Capabilities

 Our Capabilities

A3D Chile S.A. is airing on over 25 international networks, 4 local TV networks, over 90.000 contracted available minutes for product promotion, that represent over 3.000 monthly infomercials and 2.700 spots targeted towards an own segmented database featuring more than 450.00 customers.

In order to guarantee the sales success of more than 100 represented products, A3D Chile S.A. owns the following sales resources:

  • Local DRTV
  • International DRTV
  • Direct Mail with own segmented database of more than 450.00 customers
  • Inhouse Call center with Outbound / Inbound campaigns capabilities
  • Online sales Web Site with several payment methods
  • Press campaigns
  • TV placements
  • Radio placements and campaigns
  • Attached Mail & Billing Efforts
  • A3D own Stores Network in main malls at Santiago and Viña del Mar
  • Strategic Alliance with CENCOSUD (Paris, Easy, Jumbo)

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