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Goal by Suárez



Goal by Suarez


It is an essential tool for the future soccer players and their self technique development.

It can be used by both, men and women all ages in reduced spaces, no matter what the weather is like. It minimizes risks when playing with a traditional ball, as the children run in open spaces where it is full of vehicles.

Due to Gol by Suarez no more TVs or lamps will be broken by the great future soccer players because now they do have the real control of the ball. No more mess at home but now it is possible to play inside the house as they really have full control of the ball.

Everything is possible; you can train at the park, the school or the club… In a shopping centre’s parking lot, at the beach, everywhere! It is always possible to play and train in order to be the best!

Thanks to its backpack you can take it everywhere you want in a practical and elegant way.

Training and fun! It will make parents and trainer’s dreams come true. It totally simplifies explanation or demonstration tasks.

The most important things: it improves the technique in children by repetition.

With Goal by Suarez it is possible to generate training habits, set motor schemes in both profiles and develop the automatism.

Top selling Point

Take in account that you can do 60 shoots per minute and if you follow the training manuals the results will be excellent in a few days.

The multi scorer Luis Suarez had a hidden secret… but now it is available for all the fans of the most popular sport in the world and you will get the ability and definition that makes this man be the best soccer player in the world.

In this DVD, Luis himself passes down all the secrets of this sport. No matter which role you play on the field, even if you are the goal keeper, Gol by Suarez will help you to train and be the best.

Developed in the main sport biomechanical headquarters of the world, Gol by Suarez has the best high quality components; they are light and durable and take in account the user’s age and his or her training level: basic, medium or advanced.

It includes a DVD where Luis Suarez shows the reached level.

The kit contains: a ball with retail box, a backpack and the DVD with a complete guide by Luis Suarez.


Countries to which the supplier sells this product:

 Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Aruba/Antilles, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Suriname, Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, Panama.


Recomended configuration:



Tv spot 120 minutes

Tv spot 5 minutes


Exw: usd 15.90

MOQ. 1000 kits


Substantiation available

Target consumer:

Family target



retail box








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