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Mexico is the second most populous and boasts the second largest economy in Latin America, both behind only Brazil.  With a free market economy that recently reach a trillion dollars, Mexico contains a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agriculture, increasingly dominated by the private sector.  Recent administrations have expanded competition and opened up many sectors of the economy.   Income distribution remains highly unequal, with wealthier segments (those having cable TV, for example) exponentially out-spending the poor.  The increasing democratization of economic sectors is slowly contributing to an impressive economic recovery in recent years and more even distribution of wealth foreseen for the future.

Per Capita GDP
$10,700 as of (2006 est.) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Main-Line Phones
20 million as of (2006) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Mobile Phones
57 million as of (2006) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Internet Users
22 million as of (2006 est.) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Cable TV Households
5,000,000 as of (2007) Source: LMS est.

Time Zone Vs. Eastern Time (New York, Miami)
-1 hr (Daylight Standard Time)

Country Statistics

Mexico (Distrito Federal)
Government Type
Federal Republic
President Calderon
Primary Religion(s)
Roman Catholic 77% (est. 2000)
Mexican pesos
Exchange Rate
10.94 pesos = $1 (Jan '08)
108,701,000 (July 2007 est.)
South of Middle America, northern-most country in Latin America
1,972,550 square kms, slightly less than 3X the size of Texas
Border Countries
US, Belize, Guatemala
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