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Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon Bolivar, has withstood hundreds of coups and countercoups since it's break from Spanish rule in 1825.   Democratic non-miltary rule has been in effect since 1982, but there remains  the challenges of deep-seated poverty and social unrest.    Despite these challenges, the DRTV market appears to be strong in Bolivia.

Sources included CIA-The World Factbook

Per Capita GDP
$3,100 as of (2006 est.) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Main-Line Phones
646,300 as of (2005) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Mobile Phones
2,421,000 as of (2005) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Internet Users
580,000 as of (2006) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Cable TV Households
110,000 as of (2007) Source: LMS est.

Time Zone Vs. Eastern Time (New York, Miami)
+1 hour, during Daylight Standard Time

Country Statistics

La Paz
Government Type
President Evo Morales
Primary Religion(s)
Roman Catholic (95%)
Boliviano (BOB)
Exchange Rate
7.53 Bolivianos to US$1 (Jan '08)
9,119,152 (uly 2007 est.)
Central South America, southwest of Brazil
1,098,580 sq kms,, slightly less than 3X the size of Montana
Border Countries
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru
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