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Honduras is the fastest growing remittance destination in the region with inflows representing over a quarter of GDP, equivalent to nearly three-quarters of exports. The economy relies heavily on a narrow range of exports, notably bananas and coffee, making it vulnerable to natural disasters and shifts in commodity prices, however, investments in the maquila and non-traditional export sectors are slowly diversifying the economy. Growth remains dependent on the economy of the US, its largest trading partner, and on reduction of the high crime rate, as a means of attracting and maintaining investment.

Source:  CIA-The World Factbook

Per Capita GDP
$3,300 as of (est. 2007) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Main-Line Phones
708,400 as of (2006) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Mobile Phones
2,241,000 as of (2006) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Internet Users
337,300 as of (2006) Source: CIA-The World Factbook

Cable TV Households
100,000 as of (2007) Source: LMS est.

Time Zone Vs. Eastern Time (New York, Miami)
-1 hr (Daylight Standard Time)

Country Statistics

Government Type
Democratic Constitutional Republic
President manuel Zalaya
Spanish, Amerindian Languages
Primary Religion(s)
Roman Catholic (97%)
Honduran Lempira
Exchange Rate
19.48 HNL per US$1
Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Nicaragua an
112,090 sq kms, slightly larger than Tennessee
Border Countries
Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua
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