About Us


TV Ofertas is a recognized leader in the Latin American direct-response industry and has been so since our inception in 1999. 

 As a business-to-consumer DR marketer, TV Ofertas is considered by many global suppliers as the most important DR company in Mexico.  Our strengths include an unparalleled amount of cable television media, strong in-house inbound and outbound telemarketing operations, and success in catalog, print, and radio media.  Finally, TV Ofertas has strong and fast-growing internet presence through our website, http://www.tvofertasmex.com.mx, and a retail sales capability that has doubled over the past 12 months.

In our role as a product supplier, TV Ofertas has partnered with some of the strongest manufacturers and producers of direct response television in Mexico to create products and shows uniquely designed for the Latin American market.  With recent successes with Stop Skin Laser and Massage Pro (http://www.massageprolatino.com), TV Ofertas has become an important source of profitable products to our friends throughout Latin America.

Our History


TV Ofertas was founded in 1999 by its three partners, Alejandra Juarez, Marco Juarez and Ana Luisa Vegas.  Starting with one manager, 5 call center agents, and 3 products, TV Ofertas quickly grew to be the industry leader it is today, with an administrative staff of over 60 full-time employees and a call-center staff of over 150 agents.

We attribute our growth to several factors, including:

-         our long-term relationships with virtually all key global product suppliers,

-         our work with key cable media providers (including LMS of course),

-         our focus on efficient and professional operations,

-         our expansion in catalog, internet, retail and other media, and 

-         our personnel, which we consider to be the best in the industry.




Our Capabilities

TV Ofertas  is structured in 5 key business units:  
1)  TV:

Air-time media  on 26 different channels of  Latin America, reaching more then 5,800,000 homes.  That translates to 22,400,000 people impacted daily with TV Ofertas Spots and Infomercials, through 9,243 spots and 1,840 Infomercials per month.  

30 different products divided in different categories  : Exercise, Health, Beauty, Home and Novelties. 

2)  Printed Catalog: 

Reaching  200,000 clients  monthly   We analyze our clients to create and sell products  that  satisfy their needs. 
TV Ofertas has Commercial Alliances to develop specific Printed Catalogs, for example print inserts included in bank and credit card mailings.

3)  Radio: Products are leveraged through Live Mentions that add the credibility of the spokesperson to the offer.  
4)  Internet: 
www.tvofertasonline.com The client can obtain more information about TV Ofertas and also buy products through the site.   
5)  CRM: Unit created especially to maintain and  increase the retention of our clients, which currently number more than 400,000 on the TV Ofertas database.  

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