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Tel Sell Antilles is the only home-shopping company in Netherlands Antilles,offering more than 100 products to our clients. All products can be ordered through our website www.telsell.com although we also offer our clients the possibility to visit our Retail store and try out or see our different products.
Tel Sell Antilles is always the first on the island to offer a wide range of innovative, original and exclusive products. Most of these will also be available very shortly in several drugstores around the island. We provide good quality products and offer excellent service, but more importantly, we offer our clients a guarantee on all articles.  We promote our products daily through the local 2 main TV stations and with a significant amount of cable advertising on pan-regional media.
Aruba and Bonaire have their own shops offering the same quality products to our clients there.  This year we expect to expand our business to Sint Maarten.

Our History

Tel Sell is a privately owned Dutch company, founded in 1993 in the Netherlands by Louise Mulder.         

In 2003 Tel Sell Antilles opened its doors in Curacao as the first homeshopping company in the Netherlands Antilles,  offering clients the "As Seen on TV" products not only through Cable televison advertising but also through our owned-and-operated TelSell retail shop.

After our start in Curacao we quickly expanded our territory to  Aruba and Bonaire, where all of our products are now also available.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities include:

-in-house handling of inbound calls

-our own Tel Sell retail store

-other retail throughout the islands

-distribution to Aruba and Bonaire

-acting as the buying agent for all Tel Sell companies worldwide

-acting as the supplier for products Tel Sell sells to third party retailers through the region

-off-shore warehousing and export services to Latin America

TelSell...your partner for the Caribbean islands.



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