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Peru's economy reflects its varied geography - an arid coastal region, the Andes further inland, and tropical lands bordering Colombia and Brazil. Abundant mineral resources are found in the mountainous areas, and Peru's coastal waters provide excellent fishing grounds. However, overdependence on minerals and metals subjects the economy to fluctuations in world prices, and a lack of infrastructure deters trade and investment. After several years of inconsistent economic performance, the Peruv ... More >>

Country Statistics

Government Type
Constitutional Republic
President Alan Garcia
Primary Religion(s)
Roman Catholic (81%)

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About Us


QUALITY PRODUCTS is the leading Telemarketing Company in Peru .

Founded in 1995, QUALITY PRODUCTS started with a small call center and direct delivery to our customers, became the leading telemarketing company in Peru. Currently we have 2 fully implemented call centers which works more than 60 teleoperators, attending calls 18 hours a day .

We are a fully integrated DR sales company, processing inbound calls, fulfillment, and retail distribution around all the country.

Airing through our exclusive wholly dedicated Infomercial cable channel airing more than a 1,000 - 30 minute infomercial by month, besides 60 and 120 secs spots, live appearances on the main TV Programs in Peru. Also,  we sell trough catalogues and Outbound Campaigns.

QUALITY PRODUCTS reaches more than 600 retail distributors, 21 sale points all over the country and also our own Quality Products Store Chain with 20 stores in 12 cities in Peru.

QUALITY PRODUCTS provides fulfillment and call center services to third parties. We are very active in the fast growing housewares, exercise and personal care markets.

Our mission is satisfy the needs of our customers with unique and innovative products of excellent quality which make life easier and happier.


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